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At LPR, we are committed to not only providing the best steel erection and industrial services to our customers, but we also believe that sharing best practices, providing thought leadership and understanding industry and employment trends will benefit us all.  With the national unemployment rate for the construction industry at 4.5% according to the Board of Labor Statistics  and Colorado’s unemployment rate dipping to 2.3%, competing for current trade and craft resources will not be enough.  We need to be looking at engaging our high school students that are better suited for the “hands on” and exciting career that can only be experienced as part of a construction by becoming an ironworker, pipefitter, millright journeymen.  This allows us to attract new talent into the crafts, but requires us to provide training opportunities from core to journeyman.

Finding strong project leadership in this market is also challenging and requires finding the best people and being committed to ongoing training and coaching for those leaders.  Above it all is a commitment to Safety and Health as we train and employ a workforce that looks different than even just 10 years ago.

Our goal with this blog is to share our experiences at LPR, highlight exceptional employees, research and communicate latest industry trends, share industry best practices, explore the value and need to focus on diversity to broaden our potential candidate base and to highlight the importance of safety and the ability to enjoy high productivity without sacrificing the safety and health of our employees.

In addition to this blog, we invite you to visit our LinkedIn page and to follow our Facebook posts.  Your feedback and comments are always welcome and will help us provide current and useful information in our weekly posts.


LPR is an organization that embraces its Core Values:

Committed to Safety: Never walk by a hazard.  Everyone gets home safe.

We over ME: Always making decisions that are good for the company.  Believe in the vision of the company.

Competitive Spirit: Make no excuses.  Find a way to win.

Do What You Say: Be ethical, open and honest even when no one is looking.  Make commitments and stick to them.

Be Part of the Solution: Make suggestions not complaints. Encourage innovation.

Driven to Learn and Share Knowledge: If you are not growing, you are dying.  Develop and build your team.


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