Wellness Premium Credit and Tobacco Cessation Program

LPR and LBI are participating in two health initiatives that can reduce the cost of your monthly premium. These are a Wellness Premium Credit and a Tobacco Cessation Program.

If you submit a Wellness Visit Validation Form signed by your doctor you will receive a $125 monthly credit towards your premium.  If you have a spouse on the insurance, you and your spouse must complete the Wellness Visit Validation Form to get the $125/month credit.

If you are a tobacco user, you will pay $150/month extra on your premium, if you complete the Tobacco Cessation Program or receive 6 coaching calls through Cigna you will receive that $150 monthly back off your premium. Please complete the Tobacco Affidavit to designate if you are or are not a tobacco user. To complete the Wellness Premium Credit see the form and instructions below.

The credit is $125 a month towards your premium. This is $1500 a year not to mention you will have the peace-of-mind knowing if you have any health risks and how to handle them.

Convenience care clinics provide health screenings to qualify you for the wellness premium credit. Before you schedule your appointment make sure to print off the validation form for the provider to sign. Also know what service you need to ask for as each clinic refers to the service with different terminology. Below is a list of the clinic names and the service you want to request. Check MyCigna.com for the most recent list of convenience care clinics – type in your city and state and then Convenience Care Clinic and look for any of the three listed below. You can also get the MyCigna App for your phone.

Minuteclinic – Comprehensive Health Screening
Healthcare Clinic (Walgreens) – Health Screening with Health Risk Assessment
The Little Clinic – Biometric Screening and Consultation

Note: If your spouse is covered by the health insurance they to will need to get a wellness visit for the credit to apply.

These same clinics will help you monitor health risks such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar. Making it easier to manage your health while you are on the road for work.

VIDEO – How to find a network provider

Tobacco Affidavit

Wellness Visit Validation Form

Wellness Premium Credit Instructions