LPR Boasts 2018 Board of NCCER Trustees Chairman, Rocky Turner

LPR and Longbow Industries are proud to boast that our CEO, Rocky Turner, has been appointed Chairman of the 2018 Board of NCCER Trustees. LPR’s continued commitment to a cutting-edge apprentice program for our ironworkers, as well as other trades, facilitates our continued commitment to being both an NCCER Assessment Center and a Training Center. Currently we have apprentices in all levels of the program and assigned mentors, journeyman and above, to answer their content questions, serve as proctors and instructors, and provide the hands-on site-based training we know is most effective for our craft workers. Looking to partner closely with local high schools, Front Range Community College and other community programs supporting the craft trades, we hope to develop a ‘grow our own’ program utilizing a strong NCCER curriculum, coupled with training provided by some of the most skilled ironworkers in the industry.

LPR’s Craft Program is managed by Christopher Schock. Please feel free to contact him directly if you have questions about utilizing NCCER curriculum for workforce development or if you are interested in a skilled trade career with LPR. He can be contacted at training@lprconstruction.com.