Wellness Premium Credit and Tobacco Cessation Program

LPR and LBI are participating in two health initiatives that can reduce the cost of your monthly premium. These are a Wellness Premium Credit and a Tobacco Cessation Program.

If you submit a Wellness Visit Validation Form signed by your doctor you will receive a $100 monthly credit towards your premium.  If you have a spouse on the insurance, you and your spouse must complete the Wellness VisitValidation Form to get the $80/month credit.

If you are a tobacco user, you will pay $150/month extra on your premium, if you complete the Tobacco Cessation Program or receive 6 coaching calls through Cigna you will receive that $150 monthly back off your premium. Please complete the Tobacco Affidavit to designate if you are or are not a tobacco user. To complete the Wellness Premium Credit see the form and instructions below.

Tobacco Affidavit

Wellness Visit Validation Form

Wellness Premium Credit Instructions

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