550 mega-watt, two-on-one combined cycle power plant relocation from Mississippi to New Mexico. Project included complete dismantling, relocation and re-erection of two Aalborg (CMI EPTI) heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) along with associated pipe racks, etc. to include retrofit re-installation. In addition to the HRSG relocation were the re-location and re-erection of three complete Stellar chiller packages, each containing two compressors, a four-cell Wet Sac type cooling tower with related piping installation.

The project also included erection of a new turbine generator, building 13,500 tons of new steel and installation of the bridge crane to service the turbine deck. Also, complete erection of a new SPX 35-cell air-cooled condenser, along with all air ejector equipment and process piping.


Hobbs, NM


LEA Power Partners LLC

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