Committed to Safety: Active Aggressor Training

Oct. 1, 2017: Fifty-eight people were killed when a man opened fire on a crowd at a music festival in Las Vegas from a hotel room. July 1, 2017: 28 people were hurt when someone opened fire in a [...]

LPR Boasts 2018 Board of NCCER Trustees Chairman, Rocky Turner

LPR and Longbow Industries are proud to boast that our CEO, Rocky Turner, has been appointed Chairman of the 2018 Board of NCCER Trustees. LPR’s continued commitment to a cutting-edge apprentice [...]

Celebrating Results

Written by Pat Hagan, Director of Safety LPR/Longbow LPR Construction is proud to announce our achievement in Total Recordable Incident Rate Reduction for yearend 2017. We completed the year with [...]

Work Safe, Live Safe, Stay Safe: ‘Struck By’

Work Safe, Live Safe, Stay Safe: ‘Struck By’ In the construction industry, falls, followed by ‘struck by’ are two of the leading incidents. Most of the time, when discussing ‘struck by’ [...]

Safety and Wellness “Accelerated Schedules”

Construction: Safety and Wellness “Accelerated Schedules” At a recent frontline supervisor training specifically dedicated to leading ‘safety’ as a foreman or leadman, we discussed the [...]

Using an LMS as a Tool in your Construction Training Belt

A Google search for Learning Management Systems (LMS) best practices can best be described as a vendor list of sales pitches describing technology tools that will revolutionize any training [...]

What I Learned During our VPP Audit

What I Learned During our VPP Audit The word ‘audit’ sparks fear or at least gets our attention.  The very definition, “an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s [...]

An Innovative Approach to Craft Training

“Each dollar invested in craft training can yield $1.30 to $3.00 in benefits through increased productivity and reductions in turnover, absenteeism and rework.” This quote from an article in The [...]

Welcome to the LPR Construction Blog!

Welcome to the LPR Construction Blog! At LPR, we are committed to not only providing the best steel erection and industrial services to our customers, but we also believe that sharing best [...]